Traditional Switch Tip (Raw Brass)

Traditional switch tip. Machined raw brass. Set screw holds it on for some abuse. Fits typical 3 or 5 way blade switch.
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Early 1950's Aged Brass Saddle

Machined to original specifications. Nickel plated fillister, head slotted adjusting screw, and spring; nickel plated steel slotted set screws. It doesn't get any closer than this.

Rutters Nocaster Knob

Hand machined brass with a soft round head; slightly smaller than the “Broadcaster” and now with your choice of chrome or nickel plating. 8-32 slotted steel nickel plated set ,screw included. 1/4'' solid shaft.

3/8" Over Control Plate

Angled Control Plate, 16 guage (0.06") cold-rolled steel, and chrome plated. Volume knob position is an additional 3/8" from the selector switch.
** 3/8 in Nickel plating OUT OF STOCK **