Threaded Brass Saddle

Good old 60's-style threaded, but in nickel plate brass. The originals were steel, so if you like the look but want a slightly warmer tone, this is it. These saddles are not compensated.
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Rutters Broadcaster Knob

Hand machined brass with a soft rounded head, now with your choice of chrome or nickel plate; #8-32 slotted steel nickel plated set screw included. 1/4'' solid shaft.

*Note* One order is for two (2) knobs.

Rutters Broadcaster Steel Saddles

Low carbon cold roll steel and nickel plated, machined to original “Broadcaster” specifications. Nickel plated fillister head slotted adjusting screw and spring; nickel plated steel slotted set screws at the correct angle.

Rutters Bridge

Machined from billet Cold Roll Steel (CRS) 0.10 thick for added sustain and full tone; double cut smooth edges and back cut around the pickup to retain “Twang”. Vintage 4-hole mount, 2 1/8" string spacing. Includes choice of “Rutters straight comp saddles."

3/8" Over Control Plate

3/8'' over Control Plate, 16 guage (0.06") cold-rolled steel, and chrome plated. Volume knob position is an additional 3/8" from the selector switch.