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Threaded Brass Saddle

Good old 60's-style threaded, but in nickel plate brass. The originals were steel, so if you like the look but want a slightly warmer tone, this is it. These saddles are not compensated.
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Rutters Bridge

**** OUT OF STOCK ****

Machined from billet Cold Roll Steel (CRS) 0.10 thick for added sustain and full tone; double cut smooth edges and back cut around the pickup to retain “Twang”. Vintage 4-hole mount, 2 1/8" string spacing. Includes choice of “Rutters straight comp saddles."

3/8" Over Control Plate

3/8'' over Control Plate, 16 guage (0.06") cold-rolled steel, and chrome plated. Volume knob position is an additional 3/8" from the selector switch.


Late 50s early 60s Tele/ P-Bass knob

Hand machined aluminum, vintage correct knob now with your choice of chrome or nickel plate. #8-32 slotted steel nickel plated set screw included. 1/4'' solid shaft.

*Note* One order is for two (2) knobs.

50's Control Plate

18 gauge cold roll steel and chrome plated.