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The stock saddles on my "hot rod 52" tele were brass, slanted, barrel style.  Nothing bad to say about the sound but the wound strings especially tended to collide with the height adjustment screws, so I thought I would try something that solves that problem.

I didn't expect to hear a major difference in sustain!  Game-changing
Colin | 12/16/2023 10:21 AM
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Highly Recommended
I just installed these saddles on my Tele and I’m mighty impressed. They look great, impart a lovely twang, and intonate perfectly!! Thank you, Marc!!!
Timothy | 7/12/2021 3:56 PM
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Industry Standard
This method of creating a three barrel saddle which will actually play in tune should be the industry standard.

Marc has created such a perfect solution that it seems unfathomable that people choose to either put up with imperfectly intonated instrument in the name of tone or they buy a compensated bridge, which they invariably have to set up on weird angles sometimes resulting in 'sitaring' as the strings pass over the screw holes or with strings that aren't aligned perfected every time as they slide around on an ungrooved barrel.

To honest, I have rationalized my use of both in the past and with care I could get an uncompensated but grooved barrel reasonably intonated and could get an ungrooved compensated bridge to have proper string spacing and not 'buzz' as they invariably passed over screw holes. - But it never came easy.

I put these new saddles on tele and got the guitar perfectly intonated faster than I could with a tune-a-matic bridge. - And the saddles not only align on straight angles, but are in tune almost in a straight line with each other making the orientation for intonation very intuitive. I have never had that with another tele bridge. Awesome!

These unslanted, lined-up saddles allowed me to re-set up my guitar better in minutes than I had my tele previously set up, with another compensated bridge, that I had tweaked over several times months.

Plus it all comes with zero compromise in tone!  

Every tele should have saddles like this.

Every one of mine will.
Matthew | 6/1/2020 5:22 PM
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My favorite saddles on the market, and should be yours too.
These are my favorite saddles on the market because the intonation is perfect and the slight string recesses make the string locations as rock solid as the rest of the Telecaster.

I've tried the angled, compensated saddles by other top makers and they are not for me!  I hate my strings sliding around, especially when they get over the tops of the set screw holes!  

I've seen many people comment the same online.  These are the best looking, lowest aggravation saddles on the market.  All my Teles will get these saddles from now on.
Eric | 3/16/2020 1:46 PM
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