Rutters Cup

Finally a machined jack cup that stays put and which can be easily removed if needed; and most importantly, it looks correct. Machined from billet aluminum; your choice of chrome or nickel plating, supplied with polished stainless mounting screws and threaded to fit the “switchcraft” input jack.
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3/8" Over Control Plate

Angled Control Plate, 16 guage (0.06") cold-rolled steel, and chrome plated. Volume knob position is an additional 3/8" from the selector switch.

1950s ¼” Steel Saddles Straight Comp

Low Carbon Cold Roll Steel ¼; nickel plated and machined to original specifications. Nickel plated steel slotted set screws at the correct angle.

50's Control Plate

18 gauge cold roll steel and chrome plated.

Black Nickel Switch Tip

Machined brass, black nickel plate. Set screw holds it on for some abuse. Fits typical 3 or 5 way blade switch.