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* All pricing in US Dollars « Each Guitar, from wood to metal and everything in between is custom hand-crafted in the USA »

"Obviously the vintage Tele style is a passion of mine from the hardware on down but I do make S types and more. With a large stock of hand selected woods, chances are I have it here ready to become a guitar. So far no two built have been exactly the same. Each player will have specific important details - one of the best parts of a build for me is to get the picture and tone in your mind and make it a reality. Anytime you want to discuss a custom build, just send me an email and we'll work thru the details. I don't post my phone number to avoid telemarketers so if you want to talk to me directly send an email and I'll get you my direct line - I would be glad to talk details."   ~ Marc

Rutters NOS                                                  Click images to expand view
Description:                                                    Price: $2250.00
One-piece lightweight swamp ash body.
One-piece maple neck "52" contour.
All Rutters nickel-plated hardware.
Lacquered bakelite pickguard Voodoo TE 50 pickups.
Volume/tone selector-switch-wired neck, neck bridge, bridge.

Contact us for specific requirements (some guys just gotta have it their way)
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 "Sound Clips"

1950 Broadcaster Style

1968 Mahogany Thinline

1968 Rutters T- line

Indian Rosewood replica of the George Harrison 1968

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